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About KEEN

Keeping the Environment Ecologically Natural

KEEN was registered in 2016 with the goal of modeling and developing municipal solid waste management for Mussoorie.

KEEN was closely observed for a period of 1.5 years, then was given the privilege of contractually working with Nagar Palika Parishad to daily collect and transport waste for 1 year, initially from 2 wards, then from 8 wards. Most recently, KEEN has been contracted since September 2019, with the daily management of waste from all 13 Wards of Mussoorie.

We could comment on about 6 workers in 2016, 16 workers in 2017, 14 workers plus 35 Mohala Samiti workers in 2018, and 5 to 9 supervisors plus 23 waste workers plus 93 Mohala Samiti workers since 2019.

Some Features

Clean up and Awareness Drive

Community Clean-up drives is carried out by groups of volunteers to make the community a cleaner place to live. The volunteers work together to remove garbage from designated sites, taking care that disposal of that garbage is managed in a responsible manner.

At present, KEEN carries out community clean up drives every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Awareness Drive is a means to make the local community aware about segregation of waste into dry, wet and biomedical, not to burn plastics and not to throw waste in the hillsides. It is also, to reach out to them and thank them for their support.

At present, KEEN carries out awareness drives every Tuesdays across different wards of Mussoorie.


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    KEEN has been actively involved in various events since 1995. Mr. Dana Crider along with various members have tried to make citizens aware of sustainable living, reuse and replacing plastic with biodegradable materials.
    4 Apr

    Char Dukan, Landour

    07.00 AMMussoorie
    4 Apr

    KEEN GreenLife

    07.00 AMMussoorie
    6 Sep

    Exhibitions, George Everest House (2018)

    07.04 AMGeorge Everest House Mussoorie

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