Keeping the Environment Ecologically Natural

Objectives of KEEN

KEEN is registered under the Society Registration Act of 1860. From 2016, KEEN’s objective has been:
  1. To work with local authorities of Mussoorie for wet and dry waste collection.
  2. To conduct a sustainable recycling programme for collected dry waste.
  3. To investigate and promote a sustainable method of composting collected wet waste.
  4. To practice as an equal opportunity employer to workers who are willing to commit to the objectives of the society.
  5. To pursue opportunities of marketable services such as supply of processed compost, fuel briquettes, gardening and other skills relating to sustainable ecological practices.
  6. To investigate and develop viable recycling processes for materials which are currently not resalable.
  7. To develop and promote a growing sensitivity and understanding among residents of our city, state and nation regarding sustainable and viable environmental practices such as alternate energy development, water harvesting, reforestation, waste handling solutions.
  8. To model and educate students, citizens, business owners and authorities of our city,with the desire to impact our state, regarding sustainable and viable ecological practices.